Friday, September 24, 2010

Fat Babies Grow Up to Be Studs

Our happy hour fact to amaze your drinking buddies with.

Male infants who gain weight rapidly in their first six months grow up to be stronger, taller, have sex earlier and with more partners than their skinny-baby counterparts.

Researchers at Northwestern University came to these conclusions after following 770 males in the Philippines from birth until their 20s. The babies who get more nutrients -- and the increase in body mass that goes with that -- maintained higher testosterone levels throughout their lives.

"Few parents realize newborn baby boys produce testosterone at levels comparable to an adult male," said Christopher W. Kuzama, who authored the study. "In this study, we show that a measure of nutrition during this brief, early period of high infancy testosterone predicts many traits measured two decades later, including age at puberty, adult height, muscle and even hormone levels."

However, we are pretty sure there is a diminishing return aspect to this finding. So, it's sill not a good idea to wean your infant boy on a diet of doughnuts and milkshakes.

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